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Sejarah Kita

Guangzhou Hengsheng Auto Parts Co., LTD. was founded in 1998, is located on GuangYuan East road, which is famous for auto parts business circle. We are a personal enterprise that focus on Toyota and Honda parts, and we are the agent for many well-known car parts accessories brands. Our company's products include automotive sensors, automotive engine mount, car filters, automotive engine pumps, car engine ignition coil, automotive lower control arm , and other automotive parts and accessories. Our company is gathered with an abundant amount of auto parts, a high standard team that is professional, and experienced. We provide professional services that are high quality and exquisite, all with reasonable pricing. Our company uses the trend of the market as an outline, combined with our own prevailing. We also import commercial goods from all around the world. We look forward to doing business with you. Our goal is to surpass ourselves, as always, create value for our customers, and provide better products and services! I believe that we will achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

Pabrik Kita

Kita duwe pabrik dumunung ing PRD Auto Exhibition Ceter, Dongguan City of Guangdong Province ing China, sing jembaré 12600 meter persegi nduweni tenaga kerja 100 wong.

Aplikasi Produk

Kasedhiya kanggo kendaraan Toyota lan Honda.

Sertifikat kita

Merek agen perusahaan: AISIN, ADVICS, DENSO, SKF,  Oli Mobil, Oli Shell, Oli Castrol, AWORKS bumper, KAIFA shock absorber, INA schaeffler pulley, lampu Valeo lan SOCOOL radiator, Taiwan Rayleigh sheet-metal, produk suspensi situs TRW Perusahaan pakurmatan: 2010: auto parts Penyetor industri ing kamar provinsi guangdong saka anggota dagang; Anggota asosiasi industri perawatan motor saka Distrik NanHai, FoShan; anggota PYT; 2012: anggota "port otomatis"; Iki diidentifikasi minangka mitra strategis dening perusahaan asuransi Ping An ing taun padha; 2013: anggota industri pangopènan motor mobil GuangZhou asosiasi; 2014: "Pemeliharaan motor mobil Guangzhou asosiasi" unit rekomendasi tuku titik tetep; Ing taun sing padha, diajeni dening AISIN minangka dealer paling apik ing China!

layanan kita

Presisi dhuwur lan awet.

Produk kualitas dhuwur, jaminan kualitas

Kita fokus ing pasar medium nganti dhuwur

Produk kita laris ing saindenging negara

Kita com[any has a baris produk kuwat, produk kita Sejatine isine bab 70% saka model ing pasar.

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